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Why LED?

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We have all used the standard incandescent light bulb in our homes and offices for most of our lives and have taken it for granted. It provides a good source of light and the light bulbs are cheap to buy. If we need brighter light in any space we simply change to a higher wattage bulb. The cost is whatever we have to pay for electricity and we try to save money, where we can, by switching off unnecessary lights.

Unfortunately our old friend the standard incandescent light bulb whose official title is GLS or ‘general lighting service’ is hugely inefficient and in fact up to 90% of the power it uses is devoted to generating heat. The newer technology ‘energy saving’ products need only 10-15% of this power to produce the equivalent brightness.

Imagine the savings that would result if all homes and offices across the planet switched to energy saving lighting. The contribution to Energy Conservation would be enormous and CO2Emissions would dramatically reduce.

Governments across the world have realised this and the UK and EU have taken action in the form of a directive that all GLS incandescent light bulbs will be withdrawn in stages; starting in 2009 with the 100w bulb and finishing in 2012 with the 40w and below bulbs. So each of us has to decide which of the alternative energy saving products to adopt before the incandescent bulbs disappear completely from our shelves.

In addition to the incandescent light bulb the Government has also confirmed that the Tungsten Halogen bulb will be withdrawn soon after. This is the light bulb best known as the one we use in our kitchens and offices as a spotlight or down light.

There are many advantages to replacing traditional light bulbs with low energy LED bulbs:

Superior light quality

  • After sunlight LED lighting is the purest light available
  • Full brightness is reached instantly
  • There is no flickering once the light is switched on

Totally non-hazardous

  • LED light bulbs contain no mercury
  • LED light bulbs contain no other toxic gases
  • LED light bulbs do not emit infrared or ultra violet rays

Long lasting durability

  • Low energy bulbs are built to run cold so have a low level of degradation
  • Low energy bulbs can last over 20 years
  • Because they last so long replacement costs are reduced
  • LED bulbs are made from reinforced plastic and metal so don’t break easily

LED light bulbs fit into existing fittings

  • No need for new fittings to receive any LED bulb or spotlight
  • Standard bayonet and screw fittings for bulbs
  • Twin pin fittings for GU10 and MR16 spotlights

Energy saving

  • Savings up to 90% on your lighting bill is standard
  • LED lighting is estimated to use 10-15% of electricity used by traditional bulbs
  • LEDs are highly durable so don’t need replacing as often

Environmentally friendly

  • Conserves energy
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Reduces your carbon footprint by up to a third
  • LEDs are 100% recyclable
  • LEDs do not end up in landfill sites unlike CFL and incandescent bulbs

LED light bulbs look good

  • Our LEDs are compact and look fantastic in any situation

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